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I enjoyed this very much. Thank you

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Thank you! What a great conversation! The end of the conversation, about being honest with the public about what is unknown or uncertain, is something I think about a lot because of my interest in mental healthcare policy. Different experiences of individuals with treatment efficacy, whether the treatment is psychotherapy or medication, and varying experiences of trauma (i.e., some thinking it is causative, others thinking it is an effect, and still others thinking they never experienced any trauma but simply had a sudden and unexpected onset of illness) lead to many conflicting ideas about what public policy should be. Different beliefs among physicians, legal professionals, and the public about illness or volition being the primary cause of troublesome behaviors is also an obstacle to agreement on public policy. When there is much disagreement about such issues even among highly educated and knowledgable academics and professionals like yourselves, it sometimes feels like sound public policy is unattainable.

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